Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ok.... Catch Up Time!

Hmmmm... The Pictures I promised aren't working.... :( Oh Well.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We had a LOT of food.

On Wednesday, I (kristen) had a pancake lunch for seminary.... it was fun, especially because i had some chocolate chip pancakes.

I finally figured out how to get music onto my phone... Hallelujuia! Three Cheers for David Archuleta!!!

Good Luck to all you Black Friday Shoppers... i'm not going to brave the crowds to get anything. I'll just go on saturday.

I finally finished the book of mormon... Yay!!!! Where in it are you?

Signing Out for Now,

Awsome Music

In case you haven't noticed the two... music thingys on the sidebar (Adam Kump and Sam Fleming), you should listen to them. Sam's is Piano Music, and Adam's is Indie. They're both really good, and both in my stake.
Another (real) update coming soon!!!!

Luv Ya All,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey everbody!!!!!

WOW- Already 7 1/2 weeks into school!!!! Time sure does fly!

Lauren, Brigitta, and I are all in a play right now- Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (yes, it is a loooooong name). L and B are in the Childrens chorus, and I'm in the main cast- female ensemble. Opening Night is Friday, October 2, and the last show is October 10. Hope you can come see it!!

So far this week, Kristen, Lauren, Brigitta, Maria, and Mom have all been sick. Hopefully, we'll all be better by tomorrow!!!

I'll post pictures of the show when we have some- I absolutely LOVE my costumes!!!!

Signing Out-
Webmaster Kristen (heeheehee)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maria after haircut

There's a puddle in my back yard!

I can see! Now I can run fast!

Mom - do you want this leaf? I like it.

Annika and Maria's haircuts

before - puppy dog bangs on Maria, pretty long hair on A

Maria wanted to go home, not get her pic taken. A didn't like M's screaming!

After - so cute!

The back of Annika's haircut

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey Everybody!!!

Just thought I should let you all know that I am in a play called Fiddler on the Roof. If you want tickets, call us (before monday please) and we'll set you up. The play is running the 15-17 and the 22-24. Tickets are $10 for seniors/students and $12 for adults.

Bye Bye!!!

Da Webmaster

Friday, January 2, 2009


Picture of all the Cousins

Pictures of the TEMPLE LIGHTS!!!
Kristen WAS there, in case you didn't notice. She just went with her Beehive class and a couple laurels.
ME the webmaster

Here's a LOT of pictures

HAPPY 2009!

So I though I should say that before i forgot.

Here are some pictures from our party:

ok, so today we picked our lemons and oranges off the trees and juiced them. THe orange juice was... RED!! yes, you read that right.

After that, Kristen finally finished refinishing her desk. First, she stripped off all the old paint/dirt/etc.

Then, she sanded it down. Finally, today she painted it.

Note Brand of Paint:

Cool, Huh?
Signing Out for Now,
The Webmaster (KLT)