Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It happens every morning. I wake up, I rush to get ready and eat breakfast, and then... I sit there doing nothing until it's time to leave for the bus. There's many other (more productive) things I could be doing right now, but instead, I decided to write a blog post and feel like I'd accomplished something.

Annika is finally getting better after a trip to the emergency room that included barfing out her antibiotics and a fever of 104 (I think). Lauren and I both had to go to school yesterday- and yes, I did finish all that homework.

Sitting by the window always reminds me of why I love it here in October. It's not too cold, but not too hot, and I can watch the sunrise BEFORE I get to school, as opposed to during school in the winter months. I can still go outside in shorts and a t-shirt if I want to, but it's not uncomfortable to wear pants and a light sweater (believe me, my classrooms feel like the north pole on Christmas Eve).

Having more time in the mornings is lovely, even if I do feel like I should be sleeping instead. Love you all!

Monday, October 24, 2011


It seems that whenever we get sick here, we all get sick. I'm home sick writing this, along with Lauren and Annika.

The thing is, we're all sick with different things, so what worked for one does not work for the others, and we all have different energy levels. I'm doing homework (so much to do!!), Lauren's reading (but would rather be sleeping), and Annika is lying comatose in front of the TV. She's probably watched the same Scooby Doo episodes 12 times this week.

Who will be struck down next? My money's on Brigitta.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer :D

Ah, the sweet smell of summer... or should I say sweat? Here in Arizona, if you're outside, you're sweating. It's not even a question anymore. That's probably why our family enjoys road trips so much. Going somewhere that's only in the 90s is like visiting heaven.

So for our vacations this summer, we're going to Oregon, Provo, and Nauvoo. We're going to have so much fun!! We leave for Oregon this Friday to go see Dad's parents and our friends the Crawfords. And guess what... I get to drive!!! So if you live anywhere near where we'll be driving... I'd suggest staying off the roads. ;)

Where are you guys going for your summer vacations?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star Wars

As some of you may know, us Tifft girls are currently interested in (read: obsessed with) Star Wars. How we didn't discover it earlier is beyond me. Anyways, I feel that Star Wars is more than just an entertaining movie. It also teaches us. Some of the morals: Things aren't always as they seem, Good always triumphs over evil, and you should always listen to the wise old dude- even if you're a teenager who thinks they know everything. Trust me, you don't. The old guy does. Always.

As for things to be obsessed with, this is not one of the bad ones. Also, having all of us obsessed with the same thing= sister bonding time. YAY! We girls have so much fun with our lightsabers- I don't believe for a second anyone that says Star Wars is a boy thing. It's for anyone who wants to like it.