Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Star Wars

As some of you may know, us Tifft girls are currently interested in (read: obsessed with) Star Wars. How we didn't discover it earlier is beyond me. Anyways, I feel that Star Wars is more than just an entertaining movie. It also teaches us. Some of the morals: Things aren't always as they seem, Good always triumphs over evil, and you should always listen to the wise old dude- even if you're a teenager who thinks they know everything. Trust me, you don't. The old guy does. Always.

As for things to be obsessed with, this is not one of the bad ones. Also, having all of us obsessed with the same thing= sister bonding time. YAY! We girls have so much fun with our lightsabers- I don't believe for a second anyone that says Star Wars is a boy thing. It's for anyone who wants to like it.